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Best Baits For Mouse Snap Traps

mouse-trapsYour first reaction at the site of a mouse in the home will be probably to scurry to a sofa and let out a shriek saving the embarrassment for a latter time. The next step will be to get rid of the, mouse form your home. Catching a mouse or mice is not as easy as its sounds. It takes a professional or professional equipment to do it right. According to professionals pest control Mississauga, snap traps come with a number of advantages over many other methods of dealing with mice. One of them is that fact that you will not have to deal with mice that have been dead for days in the house. The other is that you will definitely know when mice are caught thanks to the snapping system. They are also neat and can be strategically placed anywhere in the house adding to their convenience. These traps work by setting baits for the mouse to reach and get trapped. The right bait will ensure that the mouse finds the trap irresistible. What are the best baits for mouse snap traps?

Mice will literally scurry in the night looking for something to eat in the house. There are rare instances that you will find mice in the day running around the house unless you happen to cross their area of hiding. Some of the best baits that mice find hard to ignore include crackers, bacon bits, cheese, peanut butter, gumdrops, hotdog, nesting materials and chocolate. Any of these will work perfectly with a snap trap. The trick is to ensure that you place the bait in a way that the mouse will have to go through the trap to have a bite of the bait. The best baits are those that the mouse will have to nibble at or at most tag at to get off the trap. These will more than likely offset the trap.